Integrated Engineering Services can offer CHP Technologies which would be energy-saving devices that reduce our customers energy costs while at the same time, being environmentally friendly. Our prime focus is to target Cogeneration and Trigeneration applications as per below:


Cogeneration is a method of generating electrical energy in which the heat released during the electricity generation process is used in a useful way, thus achieving a very high efficiency of use of energy contained in the fuel. At the same time, this process minimizes the losses that occur in conventional electricity generation. Due to the efficient use of “waste heat”, the combined heat and electricity generation can save up to 70 % of the energy contained in the fuel compared to separate electricity and heat generation.


If a CHP unit is supplemented with an absorption chiller unit that allows to transform the heat from cogeneration to cold. A frequent example of the use of trigeneration is the generation of heat in winter months and generation of cold in the summer. Besides that, the simultaneous generation of all the three forms of energy at the same time is possible. The trigeneration can be run anywhere, where the delivery of cold is required, e.g. air conditioning of production or office spaces or generation of technological cold.