IES offers Back Pressure Steam Turbine on such applications where a quick return on investment and a high efficiency to 200kW – 3 MW / according to your steam parameters. As we  make use of excess heat that would normally go to waste. Few Applications for your reference:

steam turbine
  • If you are using steam in your production process and you are reducing steam pressure by reduction valves, you can use our steam turbine as Rotating reducer, with same steam pressure reduction effect and additionally to generate electricity, according to your steam parameters. It is modern and effective solutions of steam pressure reduction with fast return of investment.
  • If you have “waste or low thermal energy steam“, you can use this steam to electricity production.
  • If you have more steam or bigger boiler capacity OR You are using Boiler under capacity, then we give solution to work boiler in optimal operation mode and excess steam you can use for electricity production.
  • If you want to utilize the HEAT of ENGINES then we give complete solution to offer Heat Recovery Boiler + Steam Turbine to meet your process requirement and Power output.